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Apple Fall 2014 Event Predictions

The hype is at an all time high the night before this event. This is a quick post to round up and list off what I'm expecting to see tomorrow morning.

iPhone 6

iPhone 6+

Wearable (iBand/iWatch)

iOS 8

A ship date will be announced (likely September 17th, next Wednesday).


All devices discussed will include NFC chips to enable simple, "cardless" payments. These will use "tokenized" payments (where the actual card number isn't transmitted wireless, but rather a one-time-use "token" is sent instead), as well as the Touch ID sensor. This will enable Apple to tout it's approach as being more secure than previous attempts by competitors. A line up launch partners (retailers, brands, etc.) will be announced.


We'll likely see a deep dive look into the Payments and Health offerings of all the devices. A good amount of time will be devoted to the larger screens and how Apple has made using such devices with a single hand more enjoyable.

I expect we'll also see a re-cap of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite with special emphasis on features like Continuity and Handoff.

A large portion of the presentation will likely focus on Apple's shift into a "lifestyle" company: how it is making devices and services that solve "real" problems and "fit" well into everyone's lives.

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